Motivation to Love More

In the wake of the recent tragic events that have occurred in our country, I think it’s natural to feel depleted of inner peace and happiness, especially after being bombarded for days with the horrific details of these tragedies.  My heart aches when I hear about violence, but sometimes it’s necessary to focus my attention on it.  Changes won’t be made unless we’re properly educated on what’s going on – research is necessary, discussion is necessary, and most of all, a loving response is necessary.  Like many others, I feel an urge to make a difference.  I yearn to wake up and miraculously change the world by pressing a magical button.  I’m sure many of us wish we had this ability, but unfortunately we don’t.  So how can I actually help?  Although, seemingly minor in the grand scheme of things, I need to begin by improving one person – myself.

At times when I’m feeling helpless, I turn to my husband and the rest of our family.  It’s a great starting point to ground and center myself.  It reminds me of what life is all about, what matters most.  I’ve spent a lot of time with family recently – dates with my husband, hanging out at my parents’ house, trips to see my grandfather at the rehab facility where he’s slowly but surely recovering from being ill, family parties, quality time with my fur babies – all of which have helped restore and strengthen the joy in my heart.  My loved ones make me stronger.  It’s amazing how time spent with family or friends, the people who love you most to the core, can mend the worst of feelings and situations.  It just goes to show the strength and power of love (cue Celine Dion song).  I realize it’s important to restore my own loving energy before helping others.  We give what we feel.  A full, loving, happy heart gives nothing but goodness.

Now that I’m rejuvenated, I feel more motivated than ever to spread love and compassion.  I’m happy to say I’ve begun mapping out my summer service projects.  In the weeks to come, I will be volunteering at soup kitchens, animal shelters, various non-profits, and executing small service projects of my own.  I’ll be blogging throughout my “Summer of Love” as a personal outlet to write about my experiences.  I plan to continue with my service beyond the summer, but I’m a 6th grade teacher whose primary focus will be my students come September so I’m not sure how frequently I’ll be blogging during the school year.  Until then, I encourage anyone who may like to join me for a day, a week, or longer to message me on my contact page.  I’d love to collaborate with you to reach more people and spread more love.


Taryn ❤

4 thoughts on “Motivation to Love More

  1. Stealing a few words from Louis Armstrong, “What a Wonderful World …” Indeed, this would be an even more wonderful world if more people had your heart, Taryn, and were willing to share it through good works for our fellow citizens of the world. Carry on, sweet granddaughter. “Oh, yeah!”


  2. Love is all we need. True love always begins and ends with giving. You have identified the key Taryn. I’m in! Today I will give love away freely, without any expectations or strings. You have inspired me. May your Summer of love be a wave, a tidal wave!


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