A Sweet Surprise

Grateful would be an understatement for how I feel right now. When my friend and colleague, Marcy, read about my plans to bring water to Hoboken tomorrow and my need for snack suggestions, not only did she recommend snacks, but she baked and packed them too!  She and her husband, Leo, drove to my house today with a special delivery of delicious, homemade brownies and blondies along with a sampler “Love” mug for me.  What a huge help and a very sweet addition to the day tomorrow.  Thank you, Marcy.  Your baked goods are just as awesome as your loving heart.  And that is really, really awesome.

Now I’m all set to go for tomorrow – coolers ready, over 150 waters labeled, sign painted, and ridiculously delish baked goods packed.  It looks like 97 degrees tomorrow.  Stay tuned…



FullSizeRender (22)FullSizeRender (21)FullSizeRender (23)

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