Winter of Love Challenge Goal

First, thank you to everyone who joined The Winter of Love Challenge as it kicked off today!

Earlier, I received a question regarding the purpose of my challenge.  I know it can feel strange, at first, to post a kind deed you’ve performed.  That’s natural.  This challenge is intended to be part of a bigger picture. Many people perform kind, altruistic deeds almost daily.  When we typically perform a selfless deed for someone, the love and kindness are usually appreciated.  It’s kept between the giver and receiver, and that’s wonderful.  But why not spread that love?  Every time I read articles or watch videos about people helping others or carrying out kind gestures, I can almost feel myself fill with light.  Giving, receiving, and witnessing love often create a truly indescribable feeling within.  It would be awesome to share that with as many people as possible.

This challenge is about spreading good vibes, ideas, and feelings related to love.  It may even challenge us to do something that we typically, on a daily basis, might not think to do for others.  This is about making people feel good, including ourselves… and inspiring people to consider others more, whether it be our families and friends, a completely random stranger, those in need, or those we might not think to reach out to daily.

My one and only goal for this challenge:  to watch love and kindness spread like wildfire.

Love you all!  Happy holidays!


Taryn ❤