Winter of Love Challenge

Let’s spread some love this winter!  Recently, I’ve counted my blessings more than usual.  I’ve been frequently reminded that I have so, so, SO much to be thankful for.  There’s something about reflecting on my gratitude that inspires me to give, be nicer, and spread happiness.

With a whole lot of gratitude in my heart this morning, I stopped at Quick Check en route to school to grab a coffee.  Before heading in I declared, “I’m paying for someone else’s purchase today.”  I’ve heard about other people doing this but never actually tried it myself.  Strangely, I was a bit nervous before walking in.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe I was concerned my gesture would be taken offensively, but I decided to go for it anyway.  When I approached the counter to pay, I asked the cashier to take my $20 bill and pay for however many people she could until the money ran out.  I’m not sure how many purchases it covered, but it really doesn’t matter.  I just hope it put a smile on a face or two, as it did mine, and maybe even inspired someone else to spread a little love.  So my morning events lead me to this…

The Summer of Love Project presents… The Winter of Love Challenge!  In honor of all we’re grateful for, let’s spread love this season through acts of kindness.  Our good deeds don’t have to be over-the-top.  Simple, caring gestures can go a long way.  Simply post a picture or description (or both) of your random act of kindness and tag 3 friends to spread the love and do the same.  Copy and paste this paragraph along with your act of kindness.  Use the hashtags #summerofloveproject and #winteroflovechallenge to track the good deeds and see the love spread and grow (posts should be “public” for others to view).  Here’s to another season of love!

Happy winter, friends!



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