NJ Donation Drive for Children Separated From Parents at U.S. Border

We’re having a donation drive in East Brunswick, NJ for the facilities housing migrant children separated from their parents at the U.S. border.  We’ve been in touch with Mark Levine’s office in NYC, and they will continue to house goods to be distributed to The Cayuga Centers and The Abbott House as needed.  Since the facilities only have so much storage space, Mark Levine’s office will hold and distribute the donations when necessary.  Their donations will definitely need replenishment, so our contributions are welcomed and appreciated.

Collection Dates:  Monday, June 25 –  Monday, July 9.  

Drop-off Location:  East Brunswick VFW, 485 Cranbury Road, East Brunswick, NJ 08816

*The VFW Hours are 10a.m. – 9p.m.*

If you have any questions, please contact Taryn Prince or Diya Basu via the contact page on this website or message us on The Summer of Love Project Instagram page @summerofloveproject.

We’d like to thank TAPinto for writing this article and spreading the word.  Please share the article, blog, or the Summer of Love Project Instagram page to get more people involved.

These children need their parents more than anything.  Let’s work together and keep our efforts going strong until these families are reunited.


Taryn & Diya



Families Belong Together

This picture of my son encompasses his loving, vibrant spirit. He views the world with wonder and excitement. He finds joy in the simplest moments and celebrates life every day. He is the center of our universe and, at this moment, we’re the center of his.

Recently, innocent migrant children were robbed of their carefree, happy spirits when they were ripped from their parents arms. This is beyond unjust and inhumane. I’ve never been more emotionally affected by a political decision in my life. Although this torturous act was recently halted, the administration has already caused intense trauma to thousands of babies, children and their parents still hoping and waiting, many in poor conditions, to be together again.

As many of you probably feel, I have a strong need to help these children reunite with their parents ASAP. In the meantime, it’s important that they’re given the love and care they need. Since hundreds of children are being held in NY, The Summer of Love Project will be holding a number of collections throughout the summer to help supply the Abbott House and the Cayuga Centers with the goods they need.  The first round of our collection will begin Monday.  See my next blog post for specific details.  

These children need their parents more than anything.  Let’s work together and keep our efforts going strong until these families are reunited.



Want to volunteer? I’ll set it up for you!

So I sat in the Target parking lot while my son slept in his carseat the other day, and I brainstormed how I can help more people this summer.  I’m 1 person and a new mom so I don’t have as much time as I used to, especially when it comes to going out alone multiple times a week.

Between the generous Agape House donations that are pouring in plus some of the inquiries I received in my DMs regarding how people can help, I realized that there are many people willing to serve others and help out.  Some of you even had suggestions about places I should volunteer.

With people asking how they can help and understanding that many don’t have the time to actively search for volunteer opportunities the right way, I came up with an idea!  I’m offering to “prepare” volunteer opportunities for you.  Basically, if you have a specific organization, cause, place, person, etc. that is near and dear to your heart and you’d like to help, please reach out to me.  I will do the research to see what services are needed most and I’ll set up the volunteer work, dates, and times for you (of course after checking with you first).  You will simply have to show up and help!   It’s that easy.

I definitely plan to continue to volunteer wherever I can this summer, as I know there is a great need particularly during summer months.  But wouldn’t it be nice if we could work together to do more?  There are so many causes, organizations, and people in need of volunteers, and I think this could be a great way to get more people involved and reach more individuals in many different locations.  I’m so grateful to those of you who offered to help.  If you’re interested in trying this, please contact me via the contact page on this website or DM via Instagram (@summerofloveproject, link at bottom of this page).




Agape Means Love

I have a great respect for women and what we’re capable of whether we have children or not.  To me, moms who care for their babies are truly amazing.  Moms of multiples are on another level.  And moms doing it all on their own are superheroes.  Wow.  All of you women are queens to me.

As a new mom, I understand that pregnancy, delivery, and the early stages of motherhood can be incredibly exciting, challenging, and so fulfilling.  Having a support system and the means to provide and care for our children is not something all mothers have, and that just doesn’t sit well with me.  I cannot imagine what it might be like for a woman to have to worry about whether she’ll have a next meal or a place to sleep so she and her baby will be nourished and safe.  Or have to wonder if she’ll have the means to properly clothe her child.  Moms should be able to simply love their babies while focusing on bonding with their infants and the development of their children.  Stressing about survival is not something parents should have to experience in this day and age.

The Agape House is a facility that takes in homeless families in Somerset county.  I’ve volunteered here a number of times while completing service projects with my students and participating in a day of service through my school.  Most of the residents here are mothers with their babies and children.  The Agape House provides their residents with a place to live, food, clothing, employment counseling, child enrichment activities, and transportation.  Based on my experiences with their 24 hour support staff, it’s clear that they are incredibly kind people. 

I’m organizing a collection for the Agape House, located at 124 East Main Street in Somerville, NJ.  The collection will last from Monday, June 3 – Saturday, June 23.  Jabari and I will deliver the goods to the Agape House on Sunday, June 24.  I’ve been in touch with the Agape House staff, and they provided me with a list of items they need.  They expressed that donations significantly decrease during the summer months, so any contribution you’d like to make is greatly appreciated.  

Please see below for a list of items and other important information about the collection.  Contact me via the contact page on this website or direct message on Instagram (link at bottom of page).  

Thank you so much!





Thank you for all of your generous donations! 

Photos From the Agape House Collection delivery on June 24:


Whoa Baby!

I’m baaccckkkk!  I took a summer off to, you know, have a baby and stuff.  No big thang.  But seriously.  Talk about life changing!  The love I have for my son has often left me speechless, mouth agape, jaw on floor… until a stream of his pee hits the back of my mouth and I’m quickly reminded that I have a very important job to complete.  Wipe him and get the clean diaper on before he pulls a collegiate level wrestling move and whips onto his stomach as I struggle to close the Pamper for a solid 7 minutes while pleading with him to stay on his back.  But I digress.

My sweet angel baby, Zion, was born in September.  In his 8 months of life, he has been my greatest teacher thus far.  His Rastafarian name means heaven on earth.  He has been that and so much more to my husband and me.  Jabari and I adore everything about this beautiful soul that was brought into our lives.  I am deeply honored to be the one to care for him.  Motherhood is everything.  I frequently feel so many emotions with the greatest intensity.  My favorite one, of course, is this new unconditional, pure love I experience daily.

An incredibly important reminder motherhood has given me is the absolute necessity of loving ourselves and making time for ourselves in order to provide genuine care and love to others.  Self love must be present in order to spread love to others.

I can’t wait to share love, positive vibes, kindness, and realness as I share my perspective and experiences with all of you.  I’m so happy to get this Summer of Love started with a full heart and a very new perspective.  Oh, and a new and improved title, Mama.



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One of my favorite pictures of Jabari and Zion