Whoa Baby!

I’m baaccckkkk!  I took a summer off to, you know, have a baby and stuff.  No big thang.  But seriously.  Talk about life changing!  The love I have for my son has often left me speechless, mouth agape, jaw on floor… until a stream of his pee hits the back of my mouth and I’m quickly reminded that I have a very important job to complete.  Wipe him and get the clean diaper on before he pulls a collegiate level wrestling move and whips onto his stomach as I struggle to close the Pamper for a solid 7 minutes while pleading with him to stay on his back.  But I digress.

My sweet angel baby, Zion, was born in September.  In his 8 months of life, he has been my greatest teacher thus far.  His Rastafarian name means heaven on earth.  He has been that and so much more to my husband and me.  Jabari and I adore everything about this beautiful soul that was brought into our lives.  I am deeply honored to be the one to care for him.  Motherhood is everything.  I frequently feel so many emotions with the greatest intensity.  My favorite one, of course, is this new unconditional, pure love I experience daily.

An incredibly important reminder motherhood has given me is the absolute necessity of loving ourselves and making time for ourselves in order to provide genuine care and love to others.  Self love must be present in order to spread love to others.

I can’t wait to share love, positive vibes, kindness, and realness as I share my perspective and experiences with all of you.  I’m so happy to get this Summer of Love started with a full heart and a very new perspective.  Oh, and a new and improved title, Mama.



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One of my favorite pictures of Jabari and Zion

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