Agape Means Love

I have a great respect for women and what we’re capable of whether we have children or not.  To me, moms who care for their babies are truly amazing.  Moms of multiples are on another level.  And moms doing it all on their own are superheroes.  Wow.  All of you women are queens to me.

As a new mom, I understand that pregnancy, delivery, and the early stages of motherhood can be incredibly exciting, challenging, and so fulfilling.  Having a support system and the means to provide and care for our children is not something all mothers have, and that just doesn’t sit well with me.  I cannot imagine what it might be like for a woman to have to worry about whether she’ll have a next meal or a place to sleep so she and her baby will be nourished and safe.  Or have to wonder if she’ll have the means to properly clothe her child.  Moms should be able to simply love their babies while focusing on bonding with their infants and the development of their children.  Stressing about survival is not something parents should have to experience in this day and age.

The Agape House is a facility that takes in homeless families in Somerset county.  I’ve volunteered here a number of times while completing service projects with my students and participating in a day of service through my school.  Most of the residents here are mothers with their babies and children.  The Agape House provides their residents with a place to live, food, clothing, employment counseling, child enrichment activities, and transportation.  Based on my experiences with their 24 hour support staff, it’s clear that they are incredibly kind people. 

I’m organizing a collection for the Agape House, located at 124 East Main Street in Somerville, NJ.  The collection will last from Monday, June 3 – Saturday, June 23.  Jabari and I will deliver the goods to the Agape House on Sunday, June 24.  I’ve been in touch with the Agape House staff, and they provided me with a list of items they need.  They expressed that donations significantly decrease during the summer months, so any contribution you’d like to make is greatly appreciated.  

Please see below for a list of items and other important information about the collection.  Contact me via the contact page on this website or direct message on Instagram (link at bottom of page).  

Thank you so much!





Thank you for all of your generous donations! 

Photos From the Agape House Collection delivery on June 24:


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