Families Belong Together

This picture of my son encompasses his loving, vibrant spirit. He views the world with wonder and excitement. He finds joy in the simplest moments and celebrates life every day. He is the center of our universe and, at this moment, we’re the center of his.

Recently, innocent migrant children were robbed of their carefree, happy spirits when they were ripped from their parents arms. This is beyond unjust and inhumane. I’ve never been more emotionally affected by a political decision in my life. Although this torturous act was recently halted, the administration has already caused intense trauma to thousands of babies, children and their parents still hoping and waiting, many in poor conditions, to be together again.

As many of you probably feel, I have a strong need to help these children reunite with their parents ASAP. In the meantime, it’s important that they’re given the love and care they need. Since hundreds of children are being held in NY, The Summer of Love Project will be holding a number of collections throughout the summer to help supply the Abbott House and the Cayuga Centers with the goods they need.  The first round of our collection will begin Monday.  See my next blog post for specific details.  

These children need their parents more than anything.  Let’s work together and keep our efforts going strong until these families are reunited.



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