Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter does not mean anti-police. It means anti-police brutality, anti-racist policing, and anti-systemic racism. Innocent people being allowed to LIVE freely and equally should not be a debatable topic in any way. This is a human rights movement.

We all have had different circumstances,  but our souls beat as one.  We are interconnected and one.  We need to extend our awareness past just ourselves and tend to the problems in the world.  That’s the only way we can ALL be well.  

In the words of Eric Garner’s mom at the rally Jabari and I recently attended, “Is this a moment or a movement? Make it a movement!” #blacklivesmatter

Please note:  I will be sharing black owned businesses in an upcoming blog post.  If there are any you’d like me to share, please contact me via this website or DM me on my @summerofloveproject Instagram page.